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Chilly Start Today, Rain to Snow Friday-Saturday, Cold Snap Sunday


Temperatures will start out at freezing if not slightly below in the upper 20s for some as the sunrises today. As the sun comes temperatures will warm into the lower 40s with light cloud cover and mostly sunny skies. By Friday morning temperatures start in the 20s before rising to the lower 40s in the afternoon with a mix of rain and snow possible by the late afternoon and early evening. By nightfall precipitation should change from a mix to all rain lasting through late Saturday afternoon. Temperatures will be slightly warmer Saturday with highs in the low to mid 50s with gusty winds.

Sunday-Next Wednesday

Looking ahead to Sunday cold air will surge into the area dropping temperatures into the 20s making Sundays high temperature 25 degrees and lows in the teens. This cold snap will stick around through Tuesday as temperatures will climb back above freezing by Wednesday into the mid to upper 30s.

End of Month Snow Signals

And diving a bit further into the future there are a few signals for snow chances towards the end of January but nothing overly impressive something to watch though! --BOTS!!(Bring On The Snow)

Have a Good Thursday Everyone!

-Kameron Douglas

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