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Kameron Douglas

Who Am I and Where Am I from?

Hello, my name is Kameron Douglas and I’m a weather enthusiast and founder of the JCTV Weather Center. I’m from a small town in Southern Indiana called North Vernon and currently reside in Evansville, Indiana.


What started my interest in meteorology?

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always had an interest in radio and television. Upon developing great fascination in these fields, I’ve had many opportunities to learn and gain experience in both radio and TV. The first was when I was only eight years old, when I was given the opportunity to visit a radio station in Columbus, Indiana called WYGS. I would listen to this station frequently as it featured one of my favorite genres of music “Southern Gospel” and I would usually find myself listening each morning as I was getting ready for school. The station featured a show called the “Big Al Morning Show”. Often times when I listened to the show I would call into the station and speak to the DJ “Al” and request songs. After several phone conversations with Al, he offered to let me visit the station and be a guest DJ. This experience included me getting my own radio handle which was “Little Kam”. The radio show then became “The Little Kam and Big Al Morning Show”. The show took place during the stations sharathon. My duty was to announce the stations phone numbers so the listeners could call in and participate in the sharathon. I also announced some of the songs before they would start playing. Beyond my enjoyment of seeing what a radio station is like during my visit to WYGS, I still had interest in meteorology. This held true, because every morning as I was getting ready for school my parents would have the morning news on. At about 7:20am the local weather would come on. I looked forward to this moment because I liked knowing what kind of weather to expect for the day. Another part I liked was watching severe weather coverage. During these moments it didn’t matter to me where the severe weather was taking place. I enjoyed seeing the meteorologist track the storms using various tools and maps such as radar and velocity. While I enjoyed watching severe weather coverage, I wasn’t a fan of lightning especially at night. It wasn’t too uncommon for me to end up sleeping with my parents and sometimes turning on their TV to find out information about the storms taking place. Growing up watching the Louisville, Kentucky TV market, I still remember most of the names of the meteorologist that I would watch back in my younger days. I still watch those same meteorologists today despite some of them moving on to other stations. Not only is it because I like being in the know about weather but keeping others in the know especially during severe weather to keep them safe is what drives me to pursue a career in broadcast meteorology.


How did the JCTV Weather Center get its founding?

When I was an incoming high school freshman, I discovered that a TV productions class was being offered. However, it was only being offered to Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. Therefore, I couldn’t take the course. This was only until I met the instructor of the course at a school event for incoming freshman. During this moment I expressed my interest about the course to him and he challenged me to say the word “Precipitation” correctly, and he would wave into the course.  So, I attempted his challenge and said the word correctly. I ended up taking this course all four years of high school and served as one of the weather anchors for the school newscast that aired on the local cable channel in my hometown. Throughout the time of producing the weather segment I decided to name my part of the show “JCTV Weather Center” because the school news channel was called JCTV News. Aside from being a part of the school newscast this class also took field trips to CBS4Indy and Fox59 for a station tour. During the tour I had the experience of meeting CBS4Indy Meteorologist John Dissauer and Fox59 Meteorologist Brian Wilkes. Having the chance to meet actual meteorologist really made for a cool experience and overall best field trips I’ve ever taken while in school.  


Current Education

So far, I have completed 6 years of college courses at the University of Southern Indiana. My first two years I majored in Environmental Science. It was after the second year I decided to reevaluate the major I had chosen due to finding subjects within the major difficult. The reevaluation included the experience of job shadowing 14 News Chief Meteorologist Jeff Lyons. Through this experience it helped me realize that the radio and television major would be a better fit. By Fall of 2019 I redeclared my major to radio and television. I feel the major change was a good decision and have enjoyed the courses I’ve taken thus far. I look forward to learning and gaining more experience in the years to come.

SETV - Access USI

During my time at USI I have been involved with the campus television station. The name of the station is “SETV”. My involvement with the station includes my on-air presence doing the weather segment for the weekly show “Access USI”. My segment is very similar to what I do here on my platforms for JCTV Weather Center, but it does have some minor differences. The show posts weekly on the SETV YouTube Channel.


Beyond Doing the Weather

When I’m not doing the weather and school is in session, I am usually busy keeping up with all my classes. Beyond schoolwork and weather, I’m usually relaxing watching the TV or playing games on my computer. And if time allows venturing out around the Evansville area. On a nice hot summer day, I tend to enjoy a visit to Lic’s Deli which has REALLY GOOD Ice Cream and deli sandwiches.


My Favorite Type of Weather

My favorite type of weather is SNOW!!!! When winter comes around, I usually want a couple of big snows (8+ Inches). But as for Southern Indiana big snows are generally hard to come by but not impossible. I’m always hopeful! #BOTS (Bring on The Snow)

Thanks For Stopping By

Kameron Douglas

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